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A look at the materials

Want to take a peek at all of the great stuff we have for you?

On this page you'll find excerpts from the Manual and the hypnosis CDs.


For a peek at the info-packed 234-page Blissborn Parent Manual, click on these topics:

Blissborn Parent Manual

And this is just a small part of the list!

Check out the complete Table of Contents.


It's all in there.  Here are more examples:

  • Fear-Tension-Pain cycle (Blissborn breaks the cycle at all three points!)
  • Modern maternity careFun facts #7
  • Natural birth is safe birth
  • The scientific basis for getting the intellectual mind out of your labor
  • How to stay in the best state - physically and mentally - for a peaceful birth
  • Hormones in labor and birth
  • Becoming aware of positive and negative states
  • The nature of pain and the two ways to think about it
  • Five great ways to transform or eliminate pain in hypnosis
  • Other comfort measures
  • Orgasmic birth
  • Your Birth Preferences document
  • Getting evidence-based care as well as informed consent
  • Choices about your new baby
  • Kangaroo care and holding your new baby close


Wondering what hypnosis sounds like?




There's a sample of a Blissborn hypnosis recording here.





Joyful Pregnancy Download




You can also download a free 10-minute hypnosis here.





If you're taking a live class with a Blissborn Educator, your hypnosis CDs and Blissborn Parent Manual are provided to you at no extra charge on your first day of class.  If you're getting the Homestudy kit, the Parent Manual, hypnosis CDs and five audio classes are included in your shipment.

After taking a Blissborn class, you'll feel confident, knowledgeable, and empowered.

Many of our moms report feeling EXCITED about giving birth! We want you to feel excited about your labor and birth too.

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