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We support natural birth and natural parenting!

You might have noticed a theme on this site.

We are big fans of natural choices in birth and parenting. We believe that our babies and our bodies are pretty smart, and we generally trust them to know what they need.

That said, you won't find a single website here that teaches you to let your baby cry it out. Babies have few ways to get their needs met and we won't support training them that their voices don't matter. Besides, that kind of stress is damaging — do the research. Listen to yourself--hearing a baby cry is hard for a reason! What idiot decided that we should fight our natural urge to respond to a baby's cry? What does it tell YOU when you're upset and someone you love walks away and closes the door?

We love co-sleeping. There, we said it. We like to cuddle. So do babies. Between us, we have five happy kids who are great sleepers to prove that sleeping with your kids doesn't have to be hard. Research supports this too! Check out attachment parenting.

We support breastfeeding on demand — we don't like people telling us when we are and aren't hungry and no amount of training changes what our stomachs say or what our bodies need. We also support whipping out a boob to feed a hungry baby no matter where that boob and that baby are.

International breastfeeding symbol

We believe comfort is a valid need, and if a baby wants comfort a baby should have comfort. And enough with saying they use nursing as a pacifier! What is a pacifier if not a fake breast?

We think babies don't have to be so hard. It just doesn't make biological sense that babies create exhaustion and misery (surely by now you've been "prepped" for those sleepless nights by well-meaning and experienced moms and dads). This is another idea perpetuated by our culture and made true by it's very existence. Find a safe way to keep your baby close and respond to needs as they arise.

Babies aren't manipulative, and they don't need to be trained. There are lots of studies that support giving them what they need when they ask for it — that's the way to get a secure and happy baby.

Basically, make decisions based on the way we are built and you won't be fighting your baby's very nature. What would a hunter-gatherer do?

One of the things we love about sharing this peaceful way to prepare for birth is that Blissborn babies tend to be calm and easy — probably because they got lots of happy hormones in the womb and aren't processing the same amounts of stress or drugs as other babies. That makes having a baby easier. And it makes sense!

Hold your baby, sleep with your baby, give him or her a soft, warm breast and nutritious milk if you can, and your baby will just glide right along beside you in your peaceful life. And everyone will get more sleep.

What's so hard about that?

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Listen to Blissborn radio for free any time you could use more relaxation, and if you'll have internet service at your birth place! This peaceful music was hand-picked to set the stage for your blissful labor and birth.

Blissborn's Spotify channel

If you've got Spotify, you can access this playlist. We have hand-picked this music to support bliss and quiet in your rest, your labor, and your and birth.

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These links are fun, interesting and educational.  Many are referenced in the Blissborn class.


See two videos of normal birth in simplified 3D animation format: one with a focus on the cervix, and one with a focus on the pelvic bones and what a baby's "station" means in birth.


John Butler

Hypnosis is great for pain control. Watch this video of a hernia operation with hypnosis as the only anesthetic. Fairly graphic.


Dr. Angel

Dr. Angel Escudero of Spain operates without anesthesia, using only the patient's power of thought to create numbness. From the Discovery Channel.  Caution: This one's graphic.



Discovery Channel shows how hypnosis helps alleviate pain in the office of a dentist using hypnosis instead of anesthesia.


Dateline hypnosis video

Super-sensationalized 1990s program with two births. Dr. Larry Goldman used his own form of hypnosis. High-drama but worth watching. First watch Part 1, then Part 2.



Try out a few acupressure points to help in labor.



The Business of Being Born

See a preview of The Business of Being Born, a documentary movie about the crisis facing pregnant women and birth in America.


Orgasmic Birth

Watch a trailer for Orgasmic Birth, a film about the physical joy that's possible during labor.



Watch a fantastic animation of the whole process of your baby's conception and growth, all the way through being a boogie-baby in the womb. Set to dance music.


Birth Into Being

Find info about Birth Into Being: Russian Waterbirth, a revolutionary movie featuring five beautiful natural births.  Also on this website, view an inspirational 10 minutes of the movie Birth As We Know It.


Sarah Buckley, MD

After reading lots of interesting articles, download the free e-book "Ecstatic Birth - Nature's Hormonal Blueprint for Labor" by Dr. Sarah J. Buckley, describing the beneficial hormone cocktail that makes natural birth work.


Spinning Babies

Learn a variety of ways to get baby into the best position for birth, as well as how to work with a breech baby, at Spinning


Mothering Magazine OnlineChecking out the hospital maternity wards, birthing centers and home birth options? Ask these 10 Maternity Center Questions to help you choose the places and providers most likely to honor and support your wishes. Provided by Mothering Magazine Online.

See what the cesarean rate is in your state, as well as in your state's hospitals at Is the rate going down?


Flower video

Watch this video of flowers opening, and imagine your cervix as that flower when it's time for birth. Age-old technique, newfangled technology.


Meditating Mamas

Get inspired by meditations for any parenting situation: Meditating Mamas.



Listening to Mothers II

Read about the findings of the second Listening to Mothers study in this PDF.



The Birth Survey

Be a part of the solution. Share your experiences after your baby is born with a giant, nationwide Birth Survey aimed at improving maternity care in the U.S.



Cosleeping article, James J. McKenna, PhD

Before you decide to buy that crib, read this great article by James J. McKenna, PhD called, "Cosleeping and Biological Imperatives: Why Human Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone."


Helpful Organizations and Websites

Many organizations have been created just to help parents and improve pregnancy, birth and parenting world-wide.  Here are a few to get you started:

Birth advocacy

Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears: Great advice for just about everything, including attachment parenting, co-sleeping, circumcision, baby-wearing, and vaccines. Get trusted medical opinions from a compassionate source.

  • Before the birth, check the statistics for your provider and birth place.  After the birth, report your birth experience for the database.
  • The Childbirth Connection: Helping women and childbirth professionals make informed childbirth decisions, with links to lots of free and low-cost birth movies on demand.

Mothering Magazine

Mothering Magazine: An online source for articles and advice on numerous pregnancy, birth and parenting topics.

Mothering-dot-commune: Answers from your peers on just about any topic you can imagine.

  • Midwifery Today online: Hot topics in the world of woman-focused birthing.
  • Mothers Naturally: Celebrates and supports natural pregnancy and birth.
  • ICAN: The International Cesarean Awareness Network.  Their mission is to improve mom and baby health by preventing unnecessary cesareans, supporting cesarean recovery and promoting VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).
  • Peristats: The March of Dimes' nationwide statistics on nearly every aspect of birth, organized by state.
  • Bold: "A Global Movement to Make Maternity Care Mother-Friendly." A play, a Red Tent experience, a powerful movement...This has been called "The Vagina Monologues" for birth by Christianne Northrup.
  • Waterbirth International: Dedicated to making waterbirth an available option for all women, this is a great resource for waterbirth!


  • La Leche League International: Promoting and supporting breastfeeding with mother-to-mother support, plus encouragement and education from lactation experts.
  • DONA: Doulas of North America provides listing of local postpartum doulas who can help you with breastfeeding challenges.
  • World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action: Lots of articles about protecting, supporting and promoting breastfeeding.

ParentingFun facts #6

  • Baby CPR: Free online baby CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) instructions and video demonstrations with no ads.  This is one of the few sites with a quick-launch video that provides essential information immediately.  Learn the techniques and refresh your memory often.  Note: The Mayo Clinic does not recommend the new hands-only CPR for children under the age of 8 or drowning victims.  Caretakers of infants and children should know conventional CPR with rescue breathing.
  • Attachment Parenting International: Parenting information and support, forums and articles.
  • Tribal Baby: A good resource on Elimination Communication, Breastfeeding, Sleep Sharing, and lots of other stuff!

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