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When you're deciding on a class, look for one that is:

  • Comprehensive, with important information and lots of tools.
  • Well-organized, to make it easy for you to learn (you can tell a lot by looking at the website).
  • Realistic while still providing you with the beautiful possibilities of what birth can be.
  • Positive, because what you focus on is very often what you get.
  • Satisfaction-oriented, even when things don't go as planned. You want to feel empowered and ecstatic, not like you somehow failed if you didn't achieve the ultimate birth.
  • Evidence-based and modern. Some courses operate on information that is years, even decades old.
  • Respectful of your time. Three-hour classes that meet for many weeks can be quite a commitment. With Blissborn's five two-hour classes, you get the information you want in a time frame that works with your schedule, with good options for expanding on what really interests you.
  • Partner-based, because your partner wants and deserves to be there all the way, and because you deserve the best support to help you achieve your peaceful, blissful birth.

In a hypnosis course, look for:

  • Real hypnosis — otherwise it's just relaxation. Ask about your instructor's hypnosis training.  Some programs accept applicants with just a day or two of hypnosis education!  The course should also provide a convenient way to practice on your own.
  • Variety. There are so many tools available, and some programs barely scratch the surface. Also, ask how many hypnosis recordings you'll get.  Even the best hypnosis sessions get old if you just get one or two.
  • Modern, soothing recordings. You're going to be listening a lot, and feeling bugged is not a great way to relax.
  • Fear release processes customized to fit what's on your mind.
  • Lots of comfort techniques — again, real hypnosis offers a wide variety of real tools so you can find your favorites.

Have more questions? Contact us. We want you to have a great birth!

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The Blissborn Newsletter

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Letter to expecting parents

We’ve been in your shoes.

You're looking around, trying to find the best way to get what you want: support for your labor and birth. It can be confusing, and it's hard to know where to turn. We felt the same way!

Whether you’re having your first baby or you’ve been through it before and you want to take charge of your next birth experience, we promise we can help you!

To be sure you’re in the right place, let’s see if this sounds true for you:

  • You see birth as a natural experience that’s not typically a medical emergency
  • You are surprised by how medicalized birth has become — perhaps you’ve seen The Business of Being Born — and you don’t want that for yourself
  • You want to be inspired and have a beautiful birth experience
  • You know you’re capable, but you’re worried about things like pain and losing control in labor
  • This is so important to you. You’ve done your research, and you’ve put a lot of thought into it, as you do with many aspects of your life.

Being smart, intellectual and analytical has served you well. But this is different. Why?

This is the realm of the heart, the body and the spirit. In order to have the kind of birth experience you want – connected, in control, comfortable, calm, confident – it’s not going to be through your intellectual mind, it’s going to be from a deeper place. We work with lots of tools in Blissborn, including this deeper place, also known as your subconscious mind.


What’s possible when you have more control over your subconscious mind?

The first thing that’s possible is that you get rid of all of those negative and scary birth images, from movies, TV shows and traumatic birth stories that you’ve heard. That doesn’t have to be your experience.

Second, you can create the experience you want. You can learn to:

  • Relax your body deeply and instantly, any time, any place

  • Relax your mind and have more control

  • Use hypnosis to create a blueprint for the birth you want, so your mind is familiar with that positive picture when labor starts

    Words to live by #1

  • Relate more intimately with your partner, as he or she learns important support skills

  • Release fears

  • Control pain—reduce it, change it, or eliminate it!

  • Build confidence in your skills, body and instincts

That sounds pretty good, right?


Introducing the Blissborn Natural Birth Method

It sounded good to us too, and we couldn't find it anywhere — at least not in one place.

So we combined the best of science, medical knowledge, mind-body therapy and childbirth education in a fun and inspiring class that empowers you to have the birth you want. And we arranged it all in a well-organized and modern format so you can just enjoy yourself as you learn it.

And check this out:

85% of Blissborn moms have natural births, compared to fewer than 20% in the US.

Blissborn moms who have natural births average just 5 hours of active labor — even for first-time moms!

Blissborn parents report exceptionally calm and alert babies.

We want that to be your experience, too.  You can love your labor and birth.  Really.

And here's the thing:  Our program has a 100% satisfaction rate. You know how every once in a while you come across that thing that is better than you expected? This is one of those things. We've done extensive testing, gotten expert feedback on childbirth, hypnosis and adult education techniques, and we've listened to every single mom, dad and partner who came through our classes.

We know how important this decision is. We are moms and we are real people. We are completely dedicated to providing you with the best and most comprehensive childbirth education available anywhere. We would want nothing less for ourselves.

Meet the Founders





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