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Meet the Founders

We want all parents to enjoy the birth of their baby. It should be one of the most satisfying and empowering experiences of their lives.


We want to introduce ourselves. We are sisters and best friends, and together we created a course that blends the best of hypnosis and childbirth education, firmly anchored in neuroscience, biology and ancient mind-body wisdom: Blissborn.

As major perfectionists, we have often found that if we want something done right, yes, we have to do it ourselves. We have high standards about quality in everything we do.

When we started having babies, the more we learned about natural birth, the more passionate we became about the quality of this incredibly important experience — for our own families and others' as well.

Our course teaches couples what really works to make birth quicker, safer and more comfortable. Blissborn is the best childbirth education course available today. 

We know, because we've tried them all.


We both used other programs with all kinds of techniques and philosophies, but felt that women deserved more than those courses offered.

We had both seen the power of hypnotherapy in the world and decided to pursue training in this powerful modality. When we completed our training in 2007 while Laura was pregnant, the plan was to focus on pregnancy and birth — a natural fit for our passion and interests.

Laura's blissful birth

With Laura's daughter's arrival, we discovered just what was possible in labor and birth using hypnosis and it rocked our worlds.

We knew hypnosis could be powerful, but we had no idea just what was possible until we experienced it ourselves.

The same techniques used and tested in Laura's birth became Blissborn.

photo: Laura's blissful birth using Blissborn techniques


We became clinical hypnotherapists because hypnosis works.  We created this course because we want to change the way the world, especially Western society, views and experiences how babies are born.


Meet co-founder Laura Wood


Before becoming a hypnotherapist, Laura was a full-time mom with degrees in Speech/Language Pathology and Psychology. She used hypnosis for the birth of her third child. Comparing her hypnosis birth to her previous two (one Cesarean and one very, very long but natural Bradley Method labor in the hospital), she says, "Hypnosis made my third labor easy, short and comfortable. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life!"

In fact, out of more than 600 births Laura’s midwife attended, she said Laura’s home birth was the calmest.  This experience led Laura to change her life path and make sure moms know what is possible for them.  She loves every minute of it!

Laura's mission in life is to help new families get a great start in an atmosphere of peace, confidence and empowerment — an experience      photo: Laura and her bliss baby
which sets the stage for loving and peaceful homes and happy children.

Laura offers private Blissborn classes by phone or Skype.  Contact Laura for more information about these classes. In addition to childbirth preparation, she also offers hypnotherapy services to her clients. Laura lives in Albuquerque, NM, with her husband, three kids and their dog.


Meet co-founder Shelley Black

Two natural births — one with breathing techniques alone, and one with visualization techniques — motivated Shelley to find a better way to birth.  Supporting Laura with hypnosis in the birth of her third child was so inspiring, she knew she had to get the word out about using hypnosis in birth.  She left her corporate career and dedicated herself to teaching self-hypnosis to expectant parents.

Shelley served as a birth hypnosis instructor and coach for new hypnotherapists at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America for three years.  She is a long-time member of the                photo: Shelley and her youngest
board of directors for Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center and
sometimes assists with births there.  She is a graduate of the University of New Mexico’s Biology and English programs.

Shelley also has a hypnotherapy practice which helps parents take their personal growth to the next level.  She specializes in habit cessation, reaching goals, overcoming anxiety, beating postpartum depression, improving relationships, and patient parenting. Phone sessions are available. Find more info at


Contact Laura or Shelley here.


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