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A few words from Drew*

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I can think of no greater testament to the profound impact of Blissborn on our birth experience than this photo of my wife Karin and our newborn Alex shortly after delivery."

Karin and baby

"We wanted this experience to be the beautiful event it is meant to be, and thanks to Laura and Shelley, it was even better than we had hoped.
"All the materials were top-notch and Laura's coaching was a fantastic investment for us.
We recommend Blissborn to all of our friends who know there is a better way!"
~Drew, Karin, and Alex Rozell

Drew Rozell, PhD






Dr. Drew's amazing book The Very Cool Life Code is changing lives and teaching people how to live an infinitely cooler existence.



Some more nice words:

"I used Blissborn birth hypnosis for my first child who was born January 2011. I went through the classes with Laura via Skype since there was nowhere close that was certified. We covered a vast array of subjects, worked through fear, and learned how to manage pain. I was religious about listening to the cd's every day, sometimes twice a day.

"I was completely floored when I went into labor and delivered only 6 hours later. I was blessed with an incredibly short, problem free, and only mildly painful birth:) I can promise it wasn't luck, only the hard work that was put into the program. You really do get out of it what you put in. You have to have an open mind and the drive to WANT this to work, I think that's what ultimately made this work for me:)

"Again, Blissborn gave me the birth experience that I had my heart set on, it was beautiful and I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to do it again."

~Amanda F.

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Work with Laura or Shelley

Blissborn’s founders Laura and Shelley work with a very select number of couples one-on-one.

Blissborn’s signature natural birth method is customized especially for you and your goals for yourself, your labor and your birth.

In our private training, we'll work with you around your schedule, your needs and your unique learning style.


Blissborn Private Training with Laura or Shelley is for you if …

  • You like the idea of having your own personal childbirth educator to answer your questions AND having your own personal hypnotherapist to address your individual needs.
  • You want to get all the benefits of Blissborn in a format that fits your lifestyle, your schedule and your learning style.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your experience. You understand the value of an individualized class taught by one of the founders of an internationally recognized birth program, and this investment in yourself does not create financial hardship.
  • You believe in birth as a natural experience that is not typically a medical emergency.
  • You want a calm, natural birth. You know with the right support you’re capable of creating an empowering and beautiful birth experience for yourself.  (It's OK if you’re nervous about labor.)
  • You want someone on your side who can see the big picture for you and your birth; someone you can trust and who will listen to you deeply, provide clear direction and get you on track to your highest visions for labor, birth and parenthood.

Our style of training is fast-paced, therapeutic, deeply nurturing and sometimes demanding.  We will be calling on you to explore new territory, and to step into your power.  With this training you can transform worries into excitement!  Your reward will be a birth that empowers and connects you deeply to your partner and your baby.  Your birth can be a positive experience that you cherish for the rest of your life!

If you haven't already, please take a moment to look over the Blissborn course description here.

Blissborn Private Training is a unique childbirth class experience that emphasizes your body’s natural wisdom, and uses hypnosis for relaxation and natural pain control, as well as special techniques to resolve fear and health challenges. Learn how to birth your baby YOUR way.

You’ll learn how to handle the unexpected and what your options are after the baby comes. You’ll get answers to your most pressing questions. You’ll experience an artful balance of inner work and outer actions that will help you create a safe, satisfying and beautiful birth experience.

We offer a variety of ways to work with us privately

Option 1: If you will be starting around your 30th week of pregnancy, we recommend scheduling one 2-hour private class per week for five weeks, completed in person, by phone or on Skype

Option 2: If you’re less than a month from your due date, you can take three 3.5-hour private classes over about two weeks, completed in person, by phone or on Skype

Option 3: Pressed for time or you want to travel to New Mexico for your training? Complete the entire course in one or two private days, retreat-style


A few special notes about beginning your custom training with one of the world's foremost experts in childbirth hypnosis and education

You'll need to bring your birth partner to each session – he or she is an essential part of the birth team and receives personal birth and hypnosis training in each session.

The training is custom-planned for you and your partner. We customize Blissborn for you where you are right now, based on your knowledge, experience and goals for your baby’s birth.

As part of your private training, you will also receive six practice hypnosis CDs and a comprehensive book written by Blissborn’s founders. The book and CDs deepen and expand on your training, and provide specific guidance for various situations. They are also a perfect companion in labor.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your instructor anytime by email for support, guidance, and motivation. It's like having your personal hypnotherapist and childbirth educator on speed dial!

If you want extra support you can call your instructor when you’re in labor for advice and guidance. Sometimes this can make all the difference!

Continue your growth work after the baby comes through hypnotherapy sessions with your instructor at a discounted rate. Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or through Skype.

Ready to invest in your birth experience?

Our private training is valued at $2497.  We are offering a special rate of only $697 (we offer a convenient payment plan, too) until March 30, 2014.

If this sounds like it's for you, please contact Laura and Shelley for complete details, and to schedule a chat to see if we're a good fit.

Please note, this option is much more expensive than your other choices.

If this investment feels like it's too much, check out these links:

Interested in working with a Blissborn teacher in your area?  Check out your options here.

Are you a DIY-er?  Consider our homestudy program.