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Certified Blissborn Educators


Jan Dullinger, CMS-CHt, BHE

Hypnotherapy Services of Homer

Homer, AK

(907) 399-3838


Picture coming soon!

Michele Devore, CMS-CHt, BHE

San Diego, CA

(619) 261-7844

Anita Henry

Anita B. Henry, CMS-CHt, BHE

Quiet Star Center for Transformation

San Luis Obispo, CA

(805) 244-6756

Jeanie Lee

Jeanie Lee, CHt, NLP, BHE

Jeanie Yi Lee Hypnotherapy

San Francisco, CA, and Beverly Hills, CA

(310) 490-4866



Picture coming soon!

Kevin Jones, RN, CHt, BHE

Deeper Solutions Hypnotherapy

Durango, CO

(970) 946-3471

Kimberly Lewark-Love

Kimberly Lewark-Love, CMS-CHt, BHE


Denver, CO

(303) 956-8840

Helen Patz

Helen Patz, M.Ed, CMS-CHt, BHE

Idaho Springs, CO, and surrounding mountain communities

(303) 725-3108


Picture coming soon!

Elisabeth Alphonse-Katen, CHt, BHE

Orlando, FL

(407) 967-9462

Sandy Drenner, CHT, BHE

Sandy Drenner, CHt, BHE

Orlando, FL (407) 453-2613

Lisa Kelly, LMT, Ht, BHELisa Kelly, LMT, Ht, BHE

Amazing Births & Red Tent Wellness

Palm Beach and Broward Counties, FL

(561) 865-5791


Debra McNab, MS-CCHTDebra McNab, MS-CCHT, BHE


Atlanta, GA

(404) 425-9502



Leigh Wagner

Leigh A. Wagner, CMS-CHt, BHE

Dynamic Focus Hypnotherapy

Wailuku, HI (Maui)

(808) 954-0647



Janelle Bailey

Janelle M. Bailey, PT, CHt, BHE

West Des Moines, IA

(417) 848-7413



Jennifer Welch, CHt, BHE

Jennifer Welch, CHt, BHE

Lawrence, KS

(785) 760-7259


Picture coming soon!

Mariah Sinclair, CHt, BHE

NOLA Blissborn

New Orleans, LA

(415) 574-5717


Sue Champagne

Sue Champagne, CMS-CHt, BHE

Portland, Auburn and Lewiston, ME

(207) 212-3893



Maryland and DC

Sara Shelley, M.A., CHt, BHE

Sara Shelley, M.A., CHt, BHE
Calm Birthings

Silver Spring, MD, and Washington, D.C.

(301) 681-3459

Melody Williams, CMS-CHt, BHEMelody Williams, CMS-CHt, BHE
Hypnotherapy Center, LLC

Rockville, MD, and Washington, D.C.

(301) 758-5844


Emily C. Pavidis, CH, BHE

North Attleboro, MA

(508) 783-2530


Brittany Sanders, RN

Boston and South Shore, MA

(617) 620-8573


Nancy Wainer, CPM, BHENancy Wainer, CPM, BHE

Birthday Midwifery

Braintreee, MA

(781) 449-2490



Janet Golden Balzer, CHt, BHE

Janet Golden Balzer, CHt, BHE

Las Vegas, NV

(303) 709-0161

Picture coming soon!

Elijah D. Love, CHt, BHE

Las Vegas Hypnosis

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 806-1745


New Hampshire

Picture coming soon!

Diane Gill, CHt, BHE

Fusion Hypnotherapy Solutions

Derry, NH

(603) 505-5783

New Mexico

Cathy Callanan, CHt

Cathy Callanan, CHt, BHE

Hypnotherapy of Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM

(505) 690-2537

Ryan Chambers, CHt, BHE

Ryan Chambers, RN, CHt, BHE

New Beginnings Hypnotherapy

Albuquerque, NM

(505) 301-4773

Picture coming soon!

Michele Davidson, CMS-CHt, BHE

Davidson Therapeutic Solutions, LLC
Albuquerque, NM

(505) 363-8282

Carol Hillger, CHt, BHE

Carol Hillger, CHt, BHE

Heart and Soul Hypnotherapy

Las Cruces, NM

(575) 527-2720

Norma Pare, RN, CHt, BHE

Norma Pare, RN, CHt, BHE


Albuquerque, NM

(505) 504-5304

Picture coming soon!

Julie Peet, CHt, BHE

Santa Fe, NM

(505) 473-1200

Beth Provost, CHt, BHE

Beth Provost, CHt, BHE

Tijeras, NM

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Charmaine Quintana, CHt, BHE

Charmaine Quintana, CHt, BHE

Espanola, NM

(520) 405-0173

Karen Melody Shatar, CNM, CHt, BHE

Karen Melody Shatar, Cert. Nurse-Midwife, CHt, BHE

Inner Vision Hypnotherapy
Albuquerque and Placitas, NM

(505) 771-8152

Picture coming soon!

Michelangelo Stanchi, CHt, BHE

Santa Fe, NM

(505) 310-3785

Picture coming soon!


Patty Williams, RN, CHt, BHE

Santa Fe, NM

(913) 645-0294

New York

Nan Dillon, CHt

Nan Dillon, CH, BHE

East Coast Hypnosis Center

East Hampton, NY

(613) 875-8400

Karla Lightfoot, CHt, BHE

Karla Lightfoot, CMS-CH, BHE

Blissborn NYC

New York, NY

(917) 207-3681

Lisa Ludovici, CHt, BHE

Lisa Ludovici, CMS-CH, BHE

Blissborn NYC

New York, NY

(646) 402-6311

North Carolina

Marcelle Carter Hammer, CHt, BHE

Marcelle Carter Hammer, CHt, BHE

Forsyth Integrative Therapy
Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 768-7000


Ronda Gray

Ronda Gray, MS, CHt, CRC, CEAS, BHE

Dynamic TranceFormations Consulting
Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 831-3963

Paige Wacker, CHt

Paige Wacker, CHt, BHE


Stillwater, OK

(405) 564-4766


Picture coming soon!

Christine Goodacre, M.Ed., CHt, BHE

Hypnotherapy Center of Gettysburg
Gettysburg, PA

(717) 398-9610


Cindy Eagleton, CHt, BHE

Cindy Eagleton, CHt, BHE

Greater Houston area, TX

(832) 922-2018

Pamela Yagjian, MS, CHt, BHE

Pam Yagjian, MS, CHt, BHE

Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions

Austin, TX

(512) 422-3380


Ane Axford

Ane Axford, MS, LMFT, CH, BHE

Sensitive + Thriving


(917) 557-5175


Lauren Akin, CHt, BHE

Lauren N. Akin, CHt, BHE
Unfolding Joy Hypnotherapy

Burlington and Central Vermont

(505) 228-3741


Melody Williams, CMS-CHt, BHEMelody Williams, CMS-CHt, BHE

Hypnotherapy Center, LLC

Northern Virginia

(301) 758-5844


Kathleen Boehm, RN, CHt, BHE

Kathleen Boehm, RN, CCHt, BHE

Puget Sound Hypnotherapy
North Sound area and Greater Seattle, WA

(360) 653-3803

Marilyn Buchanan, CHt, BHE

Marilyn Buchanan, CHt, BHE

Center of the Universe Hypnotherapy
Seattle, WA

(206) 778-3997

Barbara Dailey, DNP, ARNP, CCMSHT,  FIBH

Barbara Dailey, DNP, ARNP, CMS-CHt, BHE, FIBH

Supportive Therapies, PLLC
Seattle, WA

(206) 739-6712

Nancy Kluth, CHt, NLP

Nancy Kluth, CHt, NLP, BHE, FIBH

Tools for Life
East Seattle and Cle Elum-Ellensburg, WA

(253) 335-4947


Jeni Miller, CMS-CHt, BHE

Jeni Miller, CMS-CHt, BHE

Heart Harmonics Hypnotherapy
Bellingham and Seattle, WA

(206) 782-6928



Pat Sonnenstuhl

Pat Sonnenstuhl, RN, Cert. Nurse-Midwife, CHt, BHE

Peaceful Birthing
Olympia, South Puget Sound, Lacey, Tumwater, WA

(360) 943-8933


Morna Duggan

Morna Duggan, CHt, BHE

Cardwell, Australia

0 7 0740 668333

(425) 636-8301


Karen Mattison, CHt, BHE

Karen Mattison, CHt, BHE

Tokyo Hypnotherapy

Tokyo, Japan