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Wondering when to start Blissborn?

We recommend starting Blissborn around week 28-32 of your pregnancy.

That way, you have time to finish up the classes even if your little munchkin decides to come early. And if you go into labor later, you'll still be charged up about practicing that yummy relaxation.

Are you already past that window?

That's okay! Although it's great to have lots of practice time, we've had moms who have had amazing labors starting closer to their baby's birthday. Blissborn classes can be condensed, depending on your needs.

Want to start early?

We love enthusiasm! You can start working with hypnosis whenever you want. We wish everyone would learn hypnosis early on in pregnancy — it's great for morning sickness and other common complaints of pregnancy. Your teacher is a great resource for starting early!

If you really want to start the class early, and you know that you'll be super-charged to continue practicing, go for it.

Contact your local teacher or Blissborn for more information!

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Blissborn classes

Blissborn is a comprehensive, well-designed childbirth class you can take no matter where you live and no matter what your birth goals are!

You can take a Blissborn class in a variety of ways:

Find a class in your area

We have teachers all over the place! This is your best option for connecting with a Blissborn Educator who is a certified hypnotherapist and an expert in birth! You and your partner will attend five two-hour classes together, and you'll feel well-prepared and excited about your birth. Classes include a 234-page manual, six hypnosis CDs, and your instructor's personal attention and feedback.


Check out Blissborn's homestudy program

It's packed with a lot of great information and comes in five one-hour audio classes that you and your partner can enjoy together. You also receive six hypnosis CDs, The Blissborn Movie, and a 250-page manual.


Work with Laura or Shelley

Check this link out if you are interested in working with Blissborn's creators personally, in a private class customized just for you and your partner (in Albuquerque, NM, or anywhere else by phone or Skype).


Are you trying to figure out how to become a Blissborn teacher?

Find out what it takes to be a Blissborn teacher.


This just in:

Co-founder Shelley Black was a technical consultant on this episode of the TV show In Plain Sight, with the lovely, talented and pregnant actress Mary McCormack. Click on the picture below to see the episode on Hulu!

In Plain Sight Episode 12