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Celebrities use hypnosis

Jessica AlbaWhat is hypnosis most famous for? Weight loss, smoking cessation, childbirth, and improving your golf swing.

Some of the most challenging situations people face! Maybe not the golf swing...but if it works for those, you can bet it pretty much works for anything.

For childbirth training:

Miranda Kerr


To reduce anxiety:

  • Fergie
  • Martha Stewart

To put mind over matter:

  • Tiger Woods
  • Albert Einstein
  • Brett Favre
  • Kevin Costner
  • Jackie Kennedy
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Eva Mendes

To quit smoking:

  • Matt Damon (
  • Ellen DeGeneres (
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Brittney Spears
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Winona Ryder
  • Billy Joel

To lose weight:

  • Sophie Dahl
  • Lily Allen
  • Geri Halliwell

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Blissful birth stories

"We ended up having our baby girl 2 weeks early at 38 weeks. She was perfectly healthy, guess she was just ready to come out.  My body was showing signs that week, so I was thinking it might happen early.

"On Thursday night we went to bed and I woke up at 1:30am with contractions, started timing them and listening to my [Blissborn] CDs and within an hour my water broke. So we headed to the hospital and when we got there I was dilated to a 7! The pain was rough, but manageable. I got into the birthing tub and went right into transition ... It lasted a few hours, and I had the Blissborn CD playing the whole time, which comforted me, although during the transition it was very hard to truly feel relaxed, but as long as I kept breathing in (which Jon was very good at reminding me to do) it got me through ...

Finally, we got to the pushing stage, which surprisingly was not very painful, just tiring! I pushed for 45 minutes and our little [baby girl] was born at 8:46am in the water! A total of 7 hrs all together! And completely natural and unmedicated ... The nurses and midwives were all very impressed and loved seeing the water birth.

"We definitely give credit to the Blissborn classes for preparing us and keeping us calm! ... I hope to do it all the same way next time!  And now I know how completely possible a wonderful birth is! She is also a wonderful and peaceful and patient baby, and eats like crazy already!"

Sonja and Jon

"I haven't even had this baby yet and I have more than gotten my money’s worth in stress reduction and relaxation that my Blissborn classes have given me. I actually look forward to my bus rides because I know they will bring me renewal and calm. And for this crazy girl its worth its weight in gold. I can't recommend it enough. I haven’t had to take one anxiety pill since being pregnant. My medical professionals are very happy and I feel ready for another day!"



"This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The classes gave me what I needed. The ability to deeply relax and let go, addressing any fears I had, and building trust that my body was capable of a comfortable birth to name just a few ...

"I believe the baby started off posterior and so I had a lot of back and wrap around pain with each contraction, whereas with my first labor I could say I really didn't have pain, just the intensity. This is where the classes and practice really paid off.  I could have easily let it overwhelm me, but I was able to stay relaxed, and found that when I did the discomfort significantly decreased.  I was able to just let the process take over and surrender to and accept the discomfort because I had worked thru my fears and trusted that my body knew what to do, I just needed to stay relaxed ...

"I was in the birthing tub for 20 minutes before E. was born, so it was very fast. She came out calm and very alert 2 hours and 20 minutes after we got to the hospital.  She breastfed beautifully and still does.

"I am so happy that I could give the gift of a natural birth to my daughter.  I believe that it is because of my relaxation and no interventions during birth that she is as calm and alert as she is.  Thank you for making such an amazing birth possible!  I will be recommending Blissborn to everyone I know who is expecting."


"The first thing I said to Pat Sonnenstuhl [Blissborn educator in Olympia, WA] when I contacted her was that I had no idea how to relax. But the first time we practiced, I quickly fell into a hypnotic state. I left feeling relaxed, confident, and rejuvenated. The practices that my boyfriend and I did together brought us closer and deepened our ability to communicate with each other. This program made our commitment to have an intervention free, suffer-free childbirth a 50/50 job, and mine and my boyfriend's confidence began to grow ...

"In labor, there were times I wanted to give up, but with the tools we learned, I came back to a relaxed state and ready to fulfill on my committment to have a labor with no interventions.  I pushed for only 45 minutes, and my precious little boy was placed on my chest. That moment was the most empowered I have, and will ever feel in my life.

"I now know myself as someone who can do anything. My boyfriend now knows himself as being more confident than he ever thought possible. The doctor that delivered our son sat on the end of the bed with us for a few moments and continually commented on how alert he was. He latched right on to my breast and I knew that it was my Blissborn training that had got me to this point. He is such a sweet boy, and we are so lucky.

"Blissborn is the key to have an intervention, suffer-free childbirth. It is possible, and my son is living proof.


"The information provided in the parent manual is invaluable. My girlfriend was checking it out the other day and she couldn't stop saying 'wow.' She was so impressed with how much was provided to the birth couples. She took two different birth preparation classes before having a home birth 18 months ago and said she still felt like she wasn't prepared enough. She's very excited about the program and will definitely use it for the next baby."